Monday, August 29, 2011

Outside the Box

We are always looking for places to store things, aren't we? Here are some ideas that are a little outside the box - not your usual trunk or collection of baskets.

What a great way to store throw pillows and blankets, plus have them on display! Next time you're at the Flea Market grab an old crate and luggage stands and you're all set! This would be perfect for the foot of a bed or even in your living room for all those cold winter nights to have your blankets near by and not in the closet.

We love, love, love this one! This chippy, old antique iron chair is a great place to keep towels close by the shower for yourself or guests.

We love this for a kids bathroom - store away all those toys, bottles, cups and towels right where you can get to them. A curtain rod, lined wicker baskets and some curtain hooks make such a cute storage display.

All of us either have a crate, want a crate, or are kicking ourselves in the tail for not buying the last one we saw. Crates are usually a little pricey, but they last forever! Grab a crate, turn it on the side and stack it with your favorite books and magazines. Not only will it be convenient, but stylish too.

Allison is constantly looking for ways to store toys up off the floor. This is perfect. These are garden planters screwed to the wall and stacked full of toys - and you can see everything so your kids aren't dumping the whole thing out to get to that one little Happy Meal toy they are looking for :)

A perfect display, night stand and storage all in one great piece! These are old briefcases stacked together on table legs. You would need to screw each briefcase to the next one to prevent sliding. But this is an adorable storage idea for a bedroom or a living room!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Okay, we know it's a little early, but we LOVE fall!! It is our second favorite time of year, second to the Christmas season! We could make this blog post ten screens long, but we won't ;)

Fall decor is so warm and inviting. The colors are just gorgeous, and pumpkins somehow just seem to fill up our homes! You can use pumpkins, gourds, acorns, mums, moss and the list goes on and on. We usually start decorating our dining tables, entry ways, front doors and porches in October. Somehow, once College Football starts here in the South, we feel like it's Fall. Here are a few ideas we've put together for you guys. We hope you enjoy them and will incorporate them in your own home this year!

This is so simple to create - a white ceramic, pedestal vase filled with moss and one single pumpkin. This would be perfect on an end table or even as a centerpiece on the kitchen table.

This entry way is so inviting! Pumpkins of all colors, shapes and sizes stacked together to make a grand statement. This is perfectly paired with stenciled pumpkins and a gorgeous wreath.

We love this! So vintage, so farmhouse - you can find a chair like this anywhere! Maybe even on the side of the road :) Fill it with a few white pumpkins and you're all set.

We're pretty sure Allison will be recreating this one on her stairs this year! What a cool idea. Even if you can't find white pumpkins, head to Lowe's and grab up a few cans of white spray paint and get busy! This idea is adorable!

This is just beautiful! Grab an old wagon the next time you're at the Flea Market, stencil a few pumpkins with your choice of words, and pick up a berry garland at Hobby Lobby to make this beautiful entry way piece.

With the season of Fall we usually find we have a few more house guests around. This is a perfect welcome tray for their bed complete with their guest towels for their stay! This is sure to make them feel welcome in your home!

Apples, apples, apples - this is gorgeous and simple. What a beautiful centerpiece for the dining table! If you really want to make a statement, do three or four of these down the center of your table surrounded by all different size pillar candles. It will be the talk of dinner for sure!

This is a gorgeous arrangement for your entry table! You can find any old pedestal bowl around the hose, fill it with moss or straw and grab a bag of colored pumpkins and gourds at your local Farmer's Market to make this arrangement! Simple and easy is what we're all about.