Sunday, October 2, 2011

Serio Design

Today we finally finished up the Serio Design!! It's been about a 4-5 week process. First we did a color consult, called in the painters, went on numerous shopping trips and it's finally staged and complete! We started with a very neutral base of the entire home - oh what a warm, colorful home she has to enjoy now!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Outside the Box

We are always looking for places to store things, aren't we? Here are some ideas that are a little outside the box - not your usual trunk or collection of baskets.

What a great way to store throw pillows and blankets, plus have them on display! Next time you're at the Flea Market grab an old crate and luggage stands and you're all set! This would be perfect for the foot of a bed or even in your living room for all those cold winter nights to have your blankets near by and not in the closet.

We love, love, love this one! This chippy, old antique iron chair is a great place to keep towels close by the shower for yourself or guests.

We love this for a kids bathroom - store away all those toys, bottles, cups and towels right where you can get to them. A curtain rod, lined wicker baskets and some curtain hooks make such a cute storage display.

All of us either have a crate, want a crate, or are kicking ourselves in the tail for not buying the last one we saw. Crates are usually a little pricey, but they last forever! Grab a crate, turn it on the side and stack it with your favorite books and magazines. Not only will it be convenient, but stylish too.

Allison is constantly looking for ways to store toys up off the floor. This is perfect. These are garden planters screwed to the wall and stacked full of toys - and you can see everything so your kids aren't dumping the whole thing out to get to that one little Happy Meal toy they are looking for :)

A perfect display, night stand and storage all in one great piece! These are old briefcases stacked together on table legs. You would need to screw each briefcase to the next one to prevent sliding. But this is an adorable storage idea for a bedroom or a living room!