Thursday, July 21, 2011

Display Your Jewelry

Display your jewelry! It's too beautiful to hide away in a drawer!! Not only does it make it easier to find, it is a beautiful display of color and enables you to use any of those colors in your jewelry at different areas of your room.

If you have a traditional style when it  comes to your home, this is the perfect way for you to display your jewelry. Get different sized ornate frames, cover it with your favorite fabric or paper, and then attach some glass knobs across the top inside of each frame. This will not only be simple to make, but be beautiful as well!

This is my favorite way to display my own jewelry. You can buy these jewelry holders at Marshall's or TJ Maxx pretty inexpensively. Fill them up and they'll make their own statement!

This was a great creation by a blog "friend" of mine Liz Marie. She is so creative! Grab a wooden board, cover it in fabric, drill in your favorite hardware and hang your earrings. Such a cute idea! Thanks Liz!

Just another jewelry display board similar to the one above.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alphabet Walls for a Nursery or Playroom

Decorating a nursery is one of the most fun rooms to decorate in my opinion! I've done two very different nurseries over the years in my own home. My biggest dilemma was always the decor. You want it to be "baby", but not TOO "baby"! So here are a few ways to display your ABC's on a focal wall!

I love this idea. You can get this look with boxed ABC flash cards cut with a scalloped scrapbook cutter, then paint the edges with a light brown paint to get the aged look. Paint a solid wood board or a canvas the color that goes with your room and tack them on with tack nails! Simple, easy and adorable!

A hodge podge of letters! I love this. Be creative ~ a traffic light sign as the I, a nautical life ring as the O and a decorative cross as the T. Great ideas with this one!!

Another nautical life ring, AND the world globe as the W! Think outside the box for a dramatic wall!

These antique flash cards are a great way to display the ABC's in individual frames. This is a great, inexpensive way to make a statement in a child's room or playroom. 
Find these ABC flash cards on etsy to get started on your own wall today!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Display the Ones You Love

No matter who you are, where you come from or where you're going - you have family and friends who share in your journey of life! Looking around my own home, it is covered up with pictures of family members, kids and friends! I'm always looking for ways outside the design box to do things. Here are a few great ways to display the ones you love...

An old window pane is a great vintage style approach to show off your favorite moments! You can get an old window pane from any thrift store, flea market or antique store. Chances are you won't have to do a thing but add your favorite photos and a wire for hanging and you're done!

Another window option! I LOVE this one! We are actually using this idea for a gift table at our next wedding. What a beautiful way to showcase your love and be able to use it again in your own home!

This entryway is just beautiful! From the floors, to the wall color, to the accessories, down to the family photos. This is a beautiful way to make a statement of what matters most at the entrance of your home! Use collage photo frames mixed with other single frame sizes to get this look and space each frame about 2 inches apart!

This is a beautiful way to display not only family photos, but artwork, letters and numbers as well. Who says you can mix all these fantastic pieces together to make one awesome focal wall?!?

What are you doing?!? Don't just sit there waiting on the next Charming Cottage post!! Get busy displaying the ones you love most using these great tips and inspiration ideas!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great Bedding

Ask anyone I know, and they'll tell you that I'm addicted to bedding! I change my bedding every 4 to 6 months to get a fresh look in the master bedroom. So, I've put together this post to help guide some of you in the right direction to help you choose the perfect bedding for your space.

I personally love this bedding, Wells Palampore from Pottery Barn. I am currently using it in my master bedroom. It is light weight for summer and the colors are so neutral and inviting. It looks great with warm rust colored walls, or even a dark chocolate wall with some cream antique furniture.

This bedding is from the new fall collection for Pottery Barn. The Josie Kalamkari bedding line has great texture and beautiful colors. This would look perfect with caramel or ivory colored walls and simple cherry furniture.

This Nimbus Duvet Cover from Anthropologie is breathtaking! The details of the ruffles are just beautiful! This bedding would be perfect with a painted cream iron bed or even a brass bed, paired with Robins Egg Blue walls, or even a rich cream color on the walls. The accessory possibilities with a bedding this beautiful are endless!

Pink ruffles!! Ok, ladies - if you can convince your hubby to use this one, props to you! My husband would never go for this!! So, for all you single ladies, this one is for you. This Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters would be beautiful with some gray walls and a pewter tone iron bed. Mix it with some gray and off-white throw pillows and you'll have the perfect start to your new bedroom!