Thursday, July 21, 2011

Display Your Jewelry

Display your jewelry! It's too beautiful to hide away in a drawer!! Not only does it make it easier to find, it is a beautiful display of color and enables you to use any of those colors in your jewelry at different areas of your room.

If you have a traditional style when it  comes to your home, this is the perfect way for you to display your jewelry. Get different sized ornate frames, cover it with your favorite fabric or paper, and then attach some glass knobs across the top inside of each frame. This will not only be simple to make, but be beautiful as well!

This is my favorite way to display my own jewelry. You can buy these jewelry holders at Marshall's or TJ Maxx pretty inexpensively. Fill them up and they'll make their own statement!

This was a great creation by a blog "friend" of mine Liz Marie. She is so creative! Grab a wooden board, cover it in fabric, drill in your favorite hardware and hang your earrings. Such a cute idea! Thanks Liz!

Just another jewelry display board similar to the one above.

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